A big stage

life is like a big stage.

especially school!

There Is a script. How the popular girls go out with the popular boys. How the nerds sit in one table. How no one likes them there’s that girl the one with eyliner and piercings who hangs out with boys, but never dates one of them, the girls who are popular but not in that gang. 

But like all plays it gose wrong. The girl with the eyeliners cool ect…

The thing is we stereotype, all of us but it’s not true you have to get used to the fact that life is strange and different. 

It isn’t allways what it seams 

Pepole are amazing who they are 

Life is not a stage it’s life

Don’t go round pretending to be who your not 

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Ups and downs 

there are always ups and downs in life 

I said in my last post

You can’t have a rainbow with out any rain 

This is true but you know there is allways rain even though it’s a rainbow at the end you are thinking is it worth it to have a whole lot of rain just for somthing butiful  in life you will wonder, but the way I get through the rain Is by thinking no matter how much rain the rainbow is the end and it will be butiful, so much it will be double the rain. 

I am going through massive rain storm. I know this is true but it’s hard. 

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Worst day

Every body says that today was worst day, but it’s not true every body don’t know that maby the next day that will be there worst day again. What Iv our to is that you can’t just have one bad day there is almost always ‘punishments’ after that day. This dosnt mean you can’t coap with them! You have got to lurn that there will always mostly be a worse day. And again and again you can cope with These, but I can’t Iv had bad day after bad day for 3 weeks now and I know that this isn’t verry insperasional but I don’t know what’s happening only 1 person make it better smithy who I mentioned in my last post, Iv found Iv been super protective over my freaind ships and hardly any of them work. What ends up happening is freinds find new freinds and lets just say that they all went of with pepole I hate

This is such a girls problem 

Let’s say just get through it 

You can’t have a rainbow with out any rain 


New year! New me?

new year, new me! This i a masive Joke every person says that this year they will change who they are that they will do somthing! 

I gess i did i started this. I thought I want to wright my story’s down, if your Reading this i will be so seprised but if you are comment So i know you are. 

The new year every body says this will be the year they will change. But no. My new years resalotion is to get organized it’s never going to happen though. But today has been a bad day  this is why I’m wrighting this! First my best freind dumps my for my worst enemy, and my phone Broke. Weird for a Nokia I must have been really mad. Thank god four pepole like smithy ( that’s not her real name but I am keeping this anonymous) she is amazing! 

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